Services we offer

    Social development

    iwon Development arises from the depth of our core.

    iOwn is a movement. It enables completion of the learning circle. It is an opportunity for self development by awakening the leader within. A leader that enables, empowers and triggers change for self and others. It is an opportunity to give back to society and translate the willingness, you have harboured, into action. We will enable you to realize and own the dream you have dreamt.

    iOwn transforms the world and allows us to look beyond ourselves. It allows us to go beyond transactional interactions and look deep within; to know who we want to be. It is a chance to give back to society via enabling the change makers to do even better work with those they empower.

    The vision is to make a difference and add value to the lives of those that work tirelessly to make others' lives better.

    iOwn enables Erickson graduates to fast track their coaching journey providing them with a never before opportunity to make their mark in the world. The change makers reap the benefits of coaching at a minimal administrative cost and the graduates get to BE a coach.

    iOwn will revolutionize the world of leadership and coaching with its annual coaching conference bringing together thinkers, visionaries who lead by walking the talk and to revolutionize leadership and coaching.

    The Benefits

      Erickson Graduates and Coaches
    • Coaching opportunity
    • Add coaching hours to your kitty and fast track your credentialing journey
    • Respect and a name in the industry
      Corporate Leaders
    • Realize your dream
    • Actively contribute to social development
    • Be known in the industry for the contribution you make
    • Enable self development
      Change Makers
    • An opportunity to scale new heights of success with coaching
    • Receive coaching from the finest coaches in the country
    • Focus on self development