Coaching & Execution

    Creating a Coaching Culture

    Fearlessness propels progress. An environment where leaders set an example, the right example, of transcending boundaries when it comes to leadership, feedback and collaboration, leads to individuals thriving much like saplings receiving the right amount of sunlight .

    An organization with a strong coaching culture serves as a catalyst for employee and organizational growth. Coaching helps focus on specifics resulting in development of behaviours and skills in individuals, one conversation at a time. To build a coaching culture a leader needs to work with his/her subordinates to create awareness and support behaviour change using coaching knowledge, approaches and skills. Inspire partners with you to bring in a shift in perspectives and change the lens through which leadership and coaching are viewed.

    In the benchmark 2014 research conducted by the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and International Coach Federation (ICF), 13% of respondents ‘organizations were classified as having strong coaching culture and it was found that these organizations were more likely to have high rates of employee engagement and strong revenue growth.

    As per research carried out in 2015, high-potential employees with access to coaching have the largest engagement increases compared to engagement measure taken in the prior year.

    Great Expectations | Performance Centered Coaching

    This dynamic three-day workshop utilizes the ACT NOW process and enables participants to fully capitalize on management and coaching skills. It focuses on fundamental principles of 'Performance Centred Coaching' and methodologies that improve and sustain high performance. The program talks about:
    ACT NOW Model of Coaching

    The ACT NOW model of coaching enables an individual to create awareness, explore and think of the alternatives and make the best possible choice. It is possible that an individual has many good ideas yet does not or is not able to act on them. ACT NOW helps create momentum effectively.

      Participants will be able to:
    • Understand their team members better, and be able to facilitate, guide, and lead a dialogue in
    • one-on-one or group setting
    • Understand the role and responsibility of a Co-leader
    • Think, Listen and Speak like a Leader who could BE a Growth partner

    One to One Coaching and/or Group Coaching

    This two day program prepares new managers for success by enabling them to strike a balance between people and processes.

      The program equips people managers with strategies to:
    • Understand yourself and your leadership styles
    • Take ownership and accomplish tasks within stipulated timelines
    • Polish the essential skills of the art and science of listening and clarifying
    • Effectively track resources, facilitate meetings and projects
    • Understand the importance of introducing systems and processes in an environment to enhance performance and deliver better results